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Sports Therapy
Łukasz Wrobel


Hot Stone Massage

About me

In Great Britain, I completed bachelor's and master's studies in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, and further training in Manual Therapy gave me the right to become a member of the Sports Therapist Organization (STO). Thanks to this, I had access to the knowledge and skills of specialists from various parts of the world.

Extensive experience allows me to combine various types of therapies for preventive and therapeutic purposes. I have been dealing with manual therapy techniques for five years. During this time, hundreds of patients had the opportunity to see how much impact properly selected therapy can have on their daily functioning.

The most important thing is an appropriate diagnosis, which is why I approach the conversation with the patient individually in order to precisely identify the cause and plan the therapy.

Other therapy methods used

    I combine the methods listed above with complementary methods so that the therapy brings even better results. 

 I use, among others:

  • Electrotherapy

  • Placing Chinese cups

  • Hot stones massage

  • Muscle Energization Techniques

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Joint Mobilizations

  • Stabilization Training

Relaxing Massage
Back Massage
Head Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Back Massage

"Health is the greatest wealth."


Price list

I select the duration of therapy individually according to your needs. The first meeting should include 15-20 minutes which I devote to a thorough interview.

30 EUR

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (~30 min.)

A quick, energetic massage to properly prepare the body for intense exercise immediately before, or a slow, regenerative massage immediately after intense exercise (possibility of meeting in the place where the exercise will take place).

40 EUR

Classic/Therapeutic Massage (60 min.)

Massage covering one or two parts of the body that are the direct or indirect cause of pain or discomfort.

60 EUR

Classic/Relaxation Massage (~90 min.)

Full body massage, covering more than two parts (back, arms, legs). It combines the healing and soothing properties of massage. Most often used for relaxation purposes and in the prevention of injuries.

contact me

No. tel. 690304421


Młodzieżowa 10a, Wodzisław Śląski

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