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These are just some of the comments. They are incredibly important because without them it would be impossible to improve rehabilitation or massage services, thank you!

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I fully recommend the range of services provided by Mr.

Luke. I have been struggling with back pain for 1.5 years and during this time I have received various diagnoses, but none of them accurate. Mr. Łukasz approached my problem individually, indicating the possible cause. He applied an appropriate massage and recommended appropriate exercises. There is definite improvement. If you value professionalism and accuracy of diagnoses, this is the right contact.

Agnieszka Burdacka-Jajecznik

Having been a DJ for 12 years, my back and shoulders were tight to say the least! Mobile sports therapy helped me to regain my mobility and ability to resume resistance training with comfort and confidence. Thank you!

Kieron Williams

Hello. I recommend Mr. Łukasz as a wonderful, professional masseur and physiotherapist. He was the first to do in a short time what others had not been able to do for several years. I am grateful, I recommend.

Nikodem Tomecki

Łukasz is a very good physiotherapist, he has saved my family from various muscle ailments many times, both for athletes and for those leading a more sedentary lifestyle :). Professional help, good equipment and, above all, nice, friendly and you can always rely on him. I RECOMMEND

Magda Neugebauer

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