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Exercise Rehabilitation

It is crucial for the healing process and injury prevention. Otherwise known as Kinesiotherapy. It involves implementing an exercise/movement plan focusing on appropriate body parts. It works both for injured people and for athletes who are close to the top of their abilities.

Strengthening exercises

Building muscle strength and endurance is crucial for the proper functioning of the body. Also needed when correcting posture defects and for carrying out the full rehabilitation process.

Attitude analysis

If done correctly, it is a decisive step towards solving the problem. Each time it is performed individually for the patient.

Active range of motion

Joint mobility is an extremely important aspect of our physical health. Working to restore or maintain it should be one of the main goals of the rehabilitation process.

Stretching exercises

Used to stretch muscles and tendons to improve flexibility and range of motion. Extremely important for people who put a lot of strain on their body at work and during physical training.

Sense of orientation and balance

The sense of balance and feeling our body is extremely important for people, especially for physically active people. Thanks to exercises, we prevent the recurrence of pain or injury.


Education and explaining individual stages of rehabilitation and individual exercises to the patient is extremely important. The human body is made up of the brain working together with the rest of the body, so I consider it essential to ensure the proper functioning of both centers.

Three stages of exercise rehabilitation



Before returning to exercise, the basic thing is to return the full range of motion in the joints directly or indirectly involved in activities. For example, if the problem was a tear in the muscle involved in the movement of the knee and hip. then primary addressing the range of motion in these joints is essential.


Gradual introduction of strengthening exercises

Starting with exercises that do not directly burden the injured area, but only work on the tissues that support movement is crucial. Then proceed to gradual loading of the rehabilitated tissue in a safe manner


Return to full load + strengthening the muscles that will protect against relapse

Returning to full load involves initially working with your own weight, then gradually adding additional load to strengthen and prevent the injury from recurring.

What do the effects look like?

WhatsApp Photo 2023-11-15 at 11_edited.png

Consistently following instructions 

Consistently performed exercises + manual therapy can bring great results in a relatively short time. On the left, the effects of working with a client who went from lower back pain to improving his sports results.

3 months of reliable exercise.

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